About Realzim eSociety

Realzim eSociety is a SMART Engagement Network. By SMART, we mean a network that is:

  • Safe
  • Meaningful
  • Accountable
  • Relevant
  • Trusted

It is a next generation platform that further evolves from "being social" online to "being engaged" in purposeful ways. Realzim eSociety focusses on going beyond "sharing" to "caring and making an impact" on a scale as never before. It is a multi-dimensional engagement system amongst citizens, businesses and institutions. By being part of this network, you can easily engage with real people in your neighborhood, city or wider for things that really matter.

The Six Segments of a Society in Realzim:

As members of a society, we all have some real needs that revolve around: My Living space, Marketplace, Environment, Needs and Benefits, Town Hall, Companies and Groups. We have created these six segments in Realzim eSociety where you will find relevant and contextual content that helps us in our daily lives. This engagement network also provides you with opportunities for giving back to the community, by making a real contribution as volunteers, mentors, leaders and much more.

Join us today:

You may apply on your own (no charge with a promo code in select countries) or have an existing member sponsor you to join at no charge.

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